I’ve been working all my adult life, and now that I’m not, it feels a little strange.  I’d like to say that I’ve worked so long and saved so much money… but that isn’t the case.    I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck as the cost of living in the Bay Area is really astronomical! I’ve saved a little and will get unemployment, but now the pressure is really on to find a source of income that is meaningful to me.

I’ve been out of work for nearly a month now.  And since I live in my van, it really does take very little to live.  I feel absolutely exhilarated to not be working.  It wasn’t the working so much as it was spending crazy amounts of time doing something that is absolutely meaningless to me.  So the trick now is to find something to do that is meaningful.

Except for feeding myself, paying my gas, insurance, phone, and saving a little for van repairs, I don’t really care that much about having money, so the emphasis will be on doing something meaningful that doesn’t slowly kill me. I don’t want to say “never” but I don’t intend to take a job just for money ever again, and I hope it doesn’t come to the point where I have to.

What is really strange to me is that, although I don’t have any ties here (except my UPS box and my $10 per month gym membership) I’m still sticking around the area where I’ve always lived.  I think it’s because I feel secure sleeping in my van here, and I know I don’t have to be worried about being woken up at night.  None the less, I really need to get out and travel.

The thing I can do to make a little money, do something meaningful, and still be able to travel is write.  So I’m going to try to incorporate that into my daily practice.

Now that I’m not spending every day working, I don’t know how a person is supposed to work, get exercise, get some meditation time in, have a social life, shower, play, explore meaningful topics that enrich our lives and such on a daily basis.  Really doing any of that well takes time!  I know this because, except for the work part (commute included), I’m doing all these things to the best of my availability, and they are time consuming.  But I am happy!  I’m convinced now that having a 40 hour work week isn’t conducive to happiness – unless you’re lucky enough to have a job that allows you to pursue your dreams.

Anyway – I was feeling the need to post.