I read this article from Upworthy that I’d like to share and comment on.  It’s not that it has anything specifically or directly to do with living in a van, but I think it’s an article that could be relevant to many people who do live in vans or similar circumstances.  First, it has to do with personal belongings, and who deserves or doesn’t deserve to own personal belongings based on our class system.  Having belongings, or getting rid of those belongings should always be a choice, not a condition forced on us by circumstances or social judgement.

Second, it has to do with social justice – a topic is that is very dear to me, and is somehow intricately interwoven with my decision to live in a van.  Living in a van can have great meaning, as it does for me, but it should be a choice, not a forced condition.  Anyway – sweet and short – I hope you enjoy the article, and I would love to read any comments on it.