It’s now been two months since moving into my van, and I feel like I’m starting to settle in.  I am sleeping much better than I used to, and sometimes I forget that I’m sleeping in a van on a public street.  However, last night I didn’t forget.  At first I did, but at nearly 2:00 AM someone checked one of my doors to see if it was unlocked, and that unsettled me for a good half hour, and then gave me dreams about people around my van for the rest of the night.  Too bad too, because before that, I was having the most comfortable sleep.

However, that’s the first time that’s happened that I’ve noticed, but I’m sure it won’t be the last!  I’m sure there are people that check for unlocked cars regularly in the middle of the night.  What I need to do is make sure the panic button on my remote key thingy works.  I bet that if the car started beeping, that would scare away any potential thieves.  My biggest fear is that someone will break a window.

In all the time I’ve lived in Berkeley, my car window has only been broken once, and that was when I left my bag on the passenger seat in my car when I went in somewhere late at night.  Someone broke the window and stole the bag.  I try not to leave anything too inviting in the visible seats of my van, but I do keep my shoes on the floorboard of the passenger front seat.  Hey, storage space is at a premium!

No one promised that living in a van would be without risks, but it wouldn’t be an adventure if it were perfectly safe, and everyone would be doing it!  Or at least…. I don’t see why they wouldn’t!  In fact, I don’t see why more people aren’t doing it now.  Since I don’t pay rent anymore, I don’t see why any reasonable single person would pay rent but… I’ll keep my secret!

Things are a lot easier now.  I have settled into a routine that works for me each night and each morning.  I’ve found that I like to park and get settled in early, because I like the way it feels being in my van in the evening just as the sun is going down.  My concerns about parking are more about the physical space now, and they used to be about who could potentially notice me.  Now I look for a space that is relatively flat and level, and is positioned so that no one can park and block me in.  I’ve been blocked in twice and I’ve learned not to allow that to happen.  It’s a bitch getting out of a tight space driving a van!

I rarely eat in the van.  I’ve found that doing so is more trouble than it’s worth, so I eat at a table somewhere.  Whole Foods Market has tables where I can sit and eat on the weekends, and during the week I eat mostly at work.

I’m far less paranoid about people seeing or hearing me now than I used to be.  We’ll see how it goes as the Fall, and eventually the Winter sets in.  Here’s to another month at The Hilton!!