I went to visit my dad last weekend. He lives about 4 hours away from me. I drove the van there, and stayed in the van while I was there.

I got this van from my dad, who has taken it on many road trips. In spite of that, he thinks I’m crazy for living in it. He’s started referring to it as “The Hilton.”  Any time he wants to ask me what’s going on, he asks me how things are at The Hilton. While I was there, I would sleep in the van, then go inside for breakfast.  He would ask me each morning, “how was it at The Hilton?”

My dad has been having heart issues. He had heart surgery and there are both complications, and nothing further the doctors can do. I think that he would have never given up the van if he’d hoped to take another road trip in it. In honor of both his humor and his generosity, I will call my van The Hilton from now on.