I’ve been living in the van full time for one month now.  Here are some lessons I’ve learned.

  1.  It’s hot in the van!  Even if you’re in the shade.  Even if all the windows are open.  Even if it’s not so hot outside.
  2. Ice melts fast!  Even in the heavy duty ice chest I invested in (though much better than the cheap one I had, and totally worth the investment).
  3. Those glad wannabe tupperware things…. not waterproof!
  4. Organization organization organization.
  5. Nobody really notices you!  You only think they do.  It’s like when you’re a teenager an you have a little pimple… you think everyone sees it and points, but really no one does!
  6. Don’t worry so much about where to sleep.  It’s a waste of gas!
  7. I really need a better source of power inside the van.