I learned a valuable lesson about sleeping last night.  I’ve been saying for a while that I needed to find flat places to sleep rather than an incline – even a slight incline.  Last night drove that point home for me.  I parked on a street – great location!  Quiet, and all that I could hope for.  However, the street was slightly rounded so that the passenger side of the van was observably lower than the driver side.  I could feel this slope when I lay down, but I was comfortable enough, so I decided to just work with it.  That was a mistake!  The gravity pull caused me to experience pressure points that I’m not used to during sleep, and though I was able to fall asleep easily enough, I woke fairly frequently with pain at those pressure points and had to readjust myself.  This morning, sitting at my desk, my mind isn’t clear and my body feels stiff.  Now I am realizing the importance of finding the perfect places to park and sleep.

I also have another thought… I could put a large piece of plywood under the mattress that could be raised at one end if necessary.  That’s a thought for the future, but for the time being – I just need flat spaces to sleep.