I picked up my van yesterday, and I’m really happy with it!  It’s a lot nicer than I remember it, but it’s also a lot smaller.  The image in my mind about what I would put in it, and where, has to be changed.  However, it’s already got curtains in it, and I’m fine with that for night.

One thing I didn’t expect is that now I want to have the windows blacked out with felt or other black material during the day.  I don’t like not being there (while at work) and having people be able to see the van with the curtains closed, or open (they can see the bed if they look).  If I black them out during the day, I’ll just feel better about it.

Tonight is the first night I’m going to be sleeping in it.  I’m going to buy the mattress topper and some other items I need, like contact lens fluid and toothpaste, and when I’ve got the things I need, I’m going to have dinner, play my phone game, then go park and sleep.

Some of the things I’ll be buying include an eye mask and ear plugs.  I’m also buying some sleep aid stuff.  I think it could be difficult the first few nights as I will likely be hyper aware, and anything I can do to calm down and go to sleep will be helpful.

I already have my portable toilet in case I have to pee during the night.  I got a reliance fold up one with some environmental bags that you put a powder in and it turns liquid to a solid (ish) substance that you can just throw away.  I trust this because it is meant to be an environmentally sound solution for back packers and campers who need toilets.

I’ll report my night experience tomorrow.