Now I’m on the home stretch of my van living adventure.  I’m starting to separate my things:  Those that I need to live with, or want to live with in my van.  Those that won’t be necessary, and will be extra baggage in my van, but I can’t bear to part with (to go into a storage).  And those that I am just getting rid of – either selling on Craigslist, or giving away or calling someone to haul away.

The biggest pile is the stuff I’m getting rid of, and not only because this pile includes all my furniture!  It also includes something I have valued for so very long – my books!  Or most of my books anyway – there are some books that I am keeping.  These are the books that contain information about my spiritual path, and the books on hypnotherapy (something I practice when I have clients).  Oh… my cook books too!  Some of them anyway.. until I go through them and get the recipes I have used over the years.  I’m feeling anxious about getting rid of some of the books – The protestant ethics and spirit of capitalism!  But really, when was the last time I actually read that?  I think it’s been over two years… and I can surely find it in a library – like most of my books!  So that’s that!

To go in the storage?  I’ve collected many things that I’m just not willing to get rid of.  Crystal goblets from Prague, a St. Francis cross from Krakow, a Kashmir carpet that I got in Thailand, a mask from venice, hand made wall plaques that I received on my 13th birthday.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with these things, but at this point I can’t bare to get rid of them!  There are also things like, my kitchen aid mixer.  I should just sell it, but since I’m getting a storage place anyway… I just want to make sure that not too many things will go there using that reasoning.  I will also put things there that I may need access to occasionally – some clothing, extra towels things like that.  I expect that as I get deeper into this adventure, these things will slowly decrease.  I’m hoping to eventually be completely contained in my van.

To keep.  I’m getting rid of so many clothes just by asking the question:  Will I wear this now?  Because really anything can be replaced!  I don’t need all that I have by a long stretch.  Other than that – one set of sheets.  A blanket or two… some books and my electronics.  Also maybe one or two of my dishes and silverware.

What next?  Lately, I’ve been really concerned about where I will park to sleep!  I even thought about renting a parking space just to make sure I’d have some place that I wouldn’t be kicked out from.  But in the end I decided – no.  I’m just going to park and sleep and see what happens!  I’m both excited and scared about all this!

I am supposed to get the van as soon as Tuesday (hopefully) or as late as the first (and I hope like hell it’s not later than that)!

I’ll post more later.