Less than two weeks to go!

I went and looked at a lot of things this weekend in preparation for moving into my van.  Turns out I’m not going to get the van this coming weekend, but the weekend of the 1st of August.  That means I’m not going to have that week to prep the van.  I’m going to be doing all that while actually living in it. With that in mind, I’m trying to anticipate what might come up, or what I might need, and what that will cost me ahead of time.

Some of the things I considered while looking were my need for a comfortable sleep, my need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, my need to have some food available, and my need to charge items during the night.

First thing I looked at was a mattress topper.  Fortunately there is already a bed in the van, but I’m going to need that extra mattress topper for a comfortable sleep.  Since it was really warm this weekend, I’m leaning toward one of those tempurpedic cooling mattresses.  The mattress in the van is an irregular size, so I’m really going to need to take a look at it before buying the topper to see which one might work best.  That means I can’t really make a decision about that until the 1st.

Toilet – this is something I can make a decision about.  I looked at the luggable loo, and at a cleansite pett toilet.  I really like the cleanside one because it can be folded up and packed away, but it’s also 4 times as expensive as the luggable loo!  Those were both at REI, and I did an internet search and didn’t find the cleanside one any cheaper there, but I did find something comparable at ack.com for about half the price.  So I’m going with that, and I’ll use wag bags (sold at rei)  These bags were made for environmental purposes for campers and hikers.  They are biodegradable, and the chemicals in them neutralizes the waste so that the sealed bag can be thrown into the regular garbage can.  SOLD!  I wasn’t really looking forward to emptying jugs of urine in the gas station bathrooms every morning!

Clothing… damn, I need that van in order to make a solid decision about this!  I don’t know how much built in storage space it has, or how much I’m going to have to create.  Some of my clothes need to be hung up so I’m going to have to get one of those multi-garment hangers.  I may need a curtain rod too!  But I’m holding off on the shower curtain rod!  My dad says there is a screen that goes between the driving area and the back, but said it was “flimsy.”  I don’t know what flimsy means to him, so i’m going to have to see it, and see how I can work with it.  If It is something that will help me hag clothing, that’ll be a bonus.

Food – I plan on eating simple food, and I can eat and prepare food at work, so really I’m only going to need an ice chest.  However, I do want a good one that has drawers so I can keep things separate and up out of the melting ice.  I looked a yeti one at REI, and eventually that’s the one I want, but it’s also quite expensive, and something I don’t need right away.  I’m going with an igloo one for now.  It has double open doors at the top and is fairly cheap, so I don’t mind replacing it with the Yeti in the near future.  The reason I want the good solid Yeti is that, I am planning to do this long term, and this is supposed to keep the ice good for 10 plus days!  That will definitely eliminate my constant draining and buying ice every time I turn around!

Charging items. I don’t see how I’m going to get around purchasing some sort of extra battery with 12V outlet and possibly AC outlets.  I haven’t looked or talked to anyone.  I don’t even know the right questions to ask on this one, but I have two weeks to figure it out!