The time is drawing closer.  I have two more weeks until I officially move into my van, and I have so many things that I need to do!  Tomorrow I start the preparations.

First thing is that I need my van!  I am going to be picking that up next weekend, so really I’ll only have a week of preparation time once I have the van.  I might camp out in it a couple days, just to see what it’s going to be like.  But prior to getting the van itself, I still have things I can do.  I need to get a post office box, or a place that I can have items delivered etc.  I need to figure out a system for when I need to use the bathroom at night.  It’ll have to be something that I can easily seal up and carry to the gym with me in the morning, where I will dump it and clean the item.

I need to arrange for the removal of most of my stuff, and storage of some things I’m not willing to part with just yet.  Surprisingly, I don’t think I’m going to need a huge storage space.  I won’t be storying any furniture at all.  It all goes!  Even my lovely new bed 😦 Oh well!

Printer that I never used – it goes.  Actually, I’m thinking I might not even need a storage because I still have my car!  I can store some things in the trunk.  Until I can pay my car down enough so that it’s not upside down, I’m going to have both the car and the van, but I’m hoping to eliminate that as soon as possible.

The car will make it easy for me to travel around town though, so that’s good for now!

I’m just rambling – thinking online to myself.

Once I get the van, I really need to make sure the mattress is comfortable long term.  I will need a mattress topper – a really good one because I need a comfortable sleep.  I’m going to need to get reflectix and black felt or some black material to black out the windows.

I’ll probably add to this as the day goes on.