Moving into my van with my cat has been bothering me for some time now.  It’s moving my cat there that is bothering me, not the van part.  Things are set in motion to move into the van, and I can’t back out now even if I wanted to!  But my cat…

My cat is old!  She’s 19 years old, and my heart really breaks for her.  I think she is blind.  Sometimes, when going to get water in the bath tub, she gets confused coming back and runs into the wall.  Most of the time she can navigate her course from eating or drinking or the litter box back to the bed where she sleeps, but sometimes she gets confused.

I’ve moved plenty with my cat.  I know cats are supposed to be territorial, but mine have been more territorial with people rather than places.  Once, when I moved from one apartment to another in the same complex, my cats just followed me back and forth when moving my things, and when I was settled into the new apartment, they just settled in with me, not returning to the old one.  That is to say… my cat can handle the move!  That’s not a problem.

I have several concerns about this move though.  One is that, as mentioned my cat is now old and blind!  She navigates our space based on an established routine.  The second is that, her sibling died about 6 weeks ago.  She’s been with him all her life, and of course, any move I’ve made, they have made together.  When we were in a new space, and i had to go to work, they had each other.  She doesn’t have him now.  She’s alone for the first time in her life at 19, and she’s blind, and is suffering dementia.  I am concerned that the move will be really scary for her.

In addition, though I can park in cooler places like the parking garage, she will sense that she is more exposed to the surroundings, and since she can’t see, this could be really scary for her. Also, what if something happens to the van while I am at work?  What if someone breaks in or… who knows!  She’s blind now…. I’m just really afraid for her.

With much sadness… I really think I might put her down before moving into the van!  I think it’s not fair for her to subject her to that!  I work 10 hours a day for 4 days, and she would be alone all that time!  She’s 19…. she’s had a very long and happy life.  Why subject her to so much uncertainty and loneliness and fear at the end?

Comments please…. I think that’s the right decision, but it breaks me heart to have come to that conclusion!  Plus… I can’t even tell you how lonely I will be without her!