One of the things I don’t really have figured out is food.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about eating, because I’m not going to be cooking – at least not at first.  Really, I’m going to be sleeping in the van and living in the world.  On the days that I’m working, I will eat at work.  But I like to eat meat and eggs, and I am afraid that not cooking means eating a lot more carbs than I really want.  I don’t want to eat a lot of pre-prepared processed food.  On the other hand, I will have more money to dedicate to good food.

I was at the store yesterday, and I was in the produce section when the smell of fresh peaches filled my mind and senses.  I love summer fruit, but often it’s expensive – especially if you want the good stuff!  So even though it’s the beginning of July, and there are peaches and cherries and all kinds of berries and melons available, those things are as expensive as buying lunch out!  I don’t eat nearly as much of it as I’d like to in the summer.  But yesterday I bought some Rainier Cherries. Those are my favorite!  They’re also almost twice as expensive as the regular red ones.  Given than I won’t be paying rent in August, I know my food quality is going to go up, in spite of not having a place to cook.  I don’t know what will change once winter is here, but for the summer, I’ll be eating beautiful fruit that I often deny myself due to the cost!

On my days off, I imagine that I will be able to go to the park and use the grills, so I will be able to eat meat, and maybe even be able to cook some eggs that way.  I might even get a little butane single burner stove.  I just don’t know… these things aren’t clear in my mind yet.  I do know that it will be extremely important to both take care of myself, and to not spend a significant portion of my former rent money on eating out!