This morning I drove around Berkeley a little at 6:00am, and I think I have a good idea of some places I can sleep.  I saw other vans parked in some areas.  There weren’t so many that it’s van city or anything, and the real reason I noticed was that I was looking for that specifically.  A year ago I would never have noticed them – just another vehicle on the street.

So now I’m not really worried about where I’m going to park to sleep as far as stealth, or not being harassed goes.  In fact, the only thing I’m worried about at all now is my cat.  Oh, I have a minor thought about being woken by police, but that’s mostly my Dad’s voice in my head – not mine.  I’ve done all the checking, looked at the law…I’ve even written the police department.

There is a story written by Huffington Post about “Sandy” who sleeps next to her car because it’s not legal to sleep in your car in Berkeley.  However, the story is very old – 2009 I think.  I doubt Sandy is sleeping next to her car now.  The police have said (got this info from their website, but for my life I can’t find the same page again… I’d just stumbled upon it earlier) that it’s not illegal to sleep in your car in Berkeley at this time.  So, I”m gonna go with that.

One of the things that I had never thought about before though, is that Berkeley and Albany seem to be a little hilly!  I’ve never noticed that before, because the hills aren’t steep or anything, but it does seem that my quest for a flat place might be more difficult than my quest for a place that I won’t be noticed.  Having camped plenty in the past, I know that any noticeable incline can make for a less than ideal sleeping space.

I have to say that I’m really looking forward to this adventure!  I can hardly wait till August 1st when my rent will go into my pocket… and then to some initial van preparation expenses.