I had a dream a couple weeks ago. It was a nightmare actually. I was running… Trying to get away from some thieves who were going to shoot me.

I was inside a house that was falling apart. It was huge but really old, and there were rooms inside rooms. It wasn’t my house, but belonged to a woman that I didn’t know. I was living there and she was gone.

Anyway, the guys were chasing me, and I was trying to hide by going deeper and deeper into the rooms inside. And I was barely able to stay ahead of them. I tried to call 911, but I couldn’t.

I finally ran into the innermost room and there was a teen – maybe 18 – a boy who was sleeping. Somehow I knew that he was the son of the owner. He was deep asleep, and I shook him and shouted “wake up!  Wake up!”  It was clear to me that he’d been partying and was on drugs. But it was imperative that he be conscious now because the situation was dire, and he was the only one who could call out for help.

I barely managed to get him awake, and I got him to understand the urgency of the situation.  And he managed to use his phone and call for help just in time. I woke up before help arrived.

Whenever I dream about a house, I know that the house represents the self. In this case it was a borrowed self that was falling apart.

According to Jungian psychology, the soul is the opposite gender of the person, in my case an animus. A male soul. Whenever I have dreams that are meaningful like this, and I encounter the inner male, it’s always a young male who is weak for whatever reason, and unable to act. Sometimes it’s a little boy who is too young to act, but in this case he was a teen who was sleeping and was drugged.

My interpretation is that I am living in a false self, but it is crumbling. The truth of my life, my soul, is buried deep within. It’s now time to wake up!  And it’s imperative that I do, or the day to day existence that haunts me, the struggles, and the meaningless stuff, will surely kill my spirit. But there is hope. The soul was wakened and was able to act.

Leaving my apartment is leaving my false self. Stopping my life from being subject to the meaninglessness of working to pay rent to keep working at a job that further has no meaning – this is crucial right now. My inner soul is awake!  But just barely!  I will not keep existing just so that I can exist – if that makes sense!  It’s my life! I am taking it back!  I’m going to live!  Wake up from this hideous dream now!