Since I’m not yet in my van, and all I have is my imagination and the vicarious experience of reading others’ posts, I figured it would be a good time to post my hopes, fears, and my visions so I can compare them to the actual experience and have that all documented here.  How will this experience change my life perspective?  That’s what I’m hoping to capture, as well as the day to day living logistics.

First, I’m hoping that it will be the final move that helps me release my attachment to material things… otherwise known as “stuff.”  Where the Hell did I get all this stuff, that I think is important enough to drag around with me wherever I move!?  I imagine that releasing some of it will be painful, but I also imagine that a huge relief and sense of freedom will descend on me the moment it’s gone.

I’m hoping that I can finally escape the hamster wheel of consumerism!  Read here:  I’m looking forward to finally not participating in this crazy consumer mentality we live in.

I’m hoping that my day to day depression lifts.  Having a chance to save my money should help, because a great deal of the depression has to do with constantly trying to make ends meet from month to month!  And then when an extra expense comes up, it sets me back again.  And doing that day after day after day…. that takes a toll.

I’m hoping to build community, because, instead of living in my apartment, and spending time being isolated there, I will be living in the world, though initially in the city of Berkeley (which I love, make no mistake there).

I’m hoping that I will be able to further refine my ideals and values, and I’m hoping to be able to deepen my compassion for human existence.  I’m hoping to be more socially active as I will not be drained by the day to day financial worries.

I’m hoping that I will feel a surge of energy due to being able eat higher quality foods.  Currently I buy organic, or try to, but I imagine that I will need to become more creative in this since I won’t be cooking at all.  I will be bringing my food to work and having to figure it out.

I imagine that living in the van will force me to be far more organized, and to know exactly where all my essentials are.  There won’t be any more searching for something I just had, that I put in a specific place so I would remember where it was!

I also know that it won’t be all roses.  I will be in a small space… and that can close in on me, but I will also be more intimately connected with my environment.

I hope that I will develop more humility, patience and tolerance.  I think it will force me to develop my spiritual self, as my material self will be seriously limited.

So that’s that!  Any thoughts about how this will change my life perspective, or stories of how it has changed others’ life perspectives is welcome!