There are a couple minor things that are keeping me from moving into a van…like right now…. today… the way I want to… And one of the major obstacles is that I don’t actually have a van yet!  I need to get one.  I’m considering what I need, and at this point, since I still have to work and live in an urban area most days, stealth will be important.  Comfort takes a close second.  So my choice of vans will be a combination of these two things.

Originally I was thinking that stealth would be the biggest determining factor.  However, since I started planning this, I’ve been watching and looking up laws, and it seems that in Berkeley, where I work, they don’t actually stop people from sleeping in their cars.  I got this information directly from the Berkeley Police Site.  They responded to a complaint about someone living in a car on a residential street, and told the person that there is not a law against sleeping in your car at this time.

That means that stealth isn’t as big a consideration as I thought it would be.  Now, that doesn’t mean I can get a small motor home and set up camp in a residential area.  Because they do have a law against sleeping in “house cars.”  I’m not exactly sure what they mean by “house car” but I’m sure that a motor home qualifies, and I’d be harassed in no time!  Besides… I can’t afford a motor home!

In fact, I really can’t afford anything!  It’s sort of a catch 22.  I do work, but ALL of my money goes toward living expenses.  The San Francisco Bay Area is CRAZY with living expenses!  Somehow I have to stop paying rent so that I can get my van.  Now, my dad is planning to sell me his van conversion for $5000, and he’d take payments. This is what I might do at first… at least borrow it from him until I save my usual rent money to get my own van.  The issue with the conversion van is that it’s not that stealthy, and I’m not sure whether it falls in the “house car” category or not.  The advantage of my dad’s conversion van is that it already has a bed in it.  Of course, that takes all the fun of customizing a cargo van myself.  But I can’t do that anyway when ALL of my money is going toward rent!

What I really would like is a GMC Safari.  After looking at a few vans online, I really want one with at least some windows.  I’m a little concerned about safety, being a single woman, so I also want something that I can park in middle class residential areas.

Coversion van
Coversion van

The above is what my Dad’s van looks like – soon to be mine, possibly.

Anyway… any ideas or comments or advice …. it’s all welcome!