Not having a van is the number one obstacle I have.  But as mentioned, this obstacle will be overcome.  I’m going to borrow my Dad’s van starting August 1, 2015.  It is a 2001 Ford e250 conversion van.  Believe me, I’m grateful to have that option, but I’m a little concerned about whether I’ll get harassed in it because it’s a pretty obvious sleeping vehicle.  In any case, it’s noticeable, and none-the-less so because it has Nevada plates, and I’m in California.

I need to not be noticed in those first few days because, obstacle number two:  I think my driver’s license might be suspended.  I’m not sure because they don’t seem to think it’s their responsibility to notify you until they have to ask for your driver’s license for some reason.  And then it’s, “did you know your drivers license is suspended”?  This is one of those problems that I need a significant amount of money to solve, but don’t have money due to having to pay high rent… waiting to move into the van so that I can have money…a catch 22 type problem.  I can solve this problem easily enough too, though, by not paying my rent on August 1, and going directly to the DMV with my “would be” rent money and paying this off.  The stupid thing is that the original ticket was only $33.  I just totally forgot about it until Nevada county was sending me a $400 plus bill.  I paid part of it already, but didn’t follow up…so I have no idea what they did about it!

Problem number 3 is actually my most difficult problem.  I have a cat that is 19 years old.  Until recently, I had two cats – her and her sibling, but her sibling died almost a month ago – a very sad time for me.  The two cats is the only reason I didn’t move into a van two years ago when my rent in Albany, CA was raised by 10% (for the second year in a row).  Mind you, my income didn’t go up by 10%.  I think it was 2%, and this is the reason that paying rent has become increasingly difficult.  OK, I’m on a tangent… let me get back.  Cat… my beautiful girl kitty… I’ve moved quite a bit, so she’s no stranger to moving.  Right now she basically lives in a room with me and sleeps all the time.  She’s old!  She does that!  If I can guarantee that my van won’t get hot while I’m away at work, or broken into, even this won’t be a problem.  One cat who sleeps is far easier than two that play and run around and meow all the time (my situation two years ago).

Now, I can guarantee that my van stays cool, and isn’t broken into IF my dad’s conversion van isn’t too tall, because I can get a parking pass and park it in the garage at my job… where I will have to go in the morning anyway, because there is a gym there where I can shower.  So it’s back to the conversion van.  And this is another reason that, while grateful as mentioned, the conversion van isn’t the best vehicle for my situation, though it WOULD be the most comfortable.  Oh, I should add that it’s a bitch to drive on the narrow streets too… and to park and back up.

Well… any advice about living in a van with pets here would definitely be appreciated!